History of Camping on the Gulf

In 1937, our grandmother took her first trip to the panhandle of northern Florida and found pristine beauty in the crystal white beaches and the aqua blue waters. It was mesmerizing. For miles and miles she traveled marveling at this incredible sight leaving an indelible impression upon her mind. This image never left her thoughts and twenty years later, she and my grandfather returned in 1957 to purchase a small beach cottage, one that they used and shared with many others. Among that many number was our family. After enjoying many stays throughout the summers, our father purchased beachfront property in 1968 for a campground so others could come and enjoy this same pristine beauty. Over five decades and many improvements, the view is still what captivates and intrigues.

Destin in 1937
Campgound for over five decades
Five generations

The fifth generation welcomes you!